About Me

I'm originally from Spain and hold two degrees in Mathematics and Physics. After graduating I moved to Berlin and I'm currently working at neurocat where I contribute to the core of aidkit, an ML Quality Ops platform.

I believe that NLP research is too focused on English and neglects the particular difficulties of other languages so I founded Somos NLP a community of Spanish-speaking NLP professionals democratizing and accelerating the development of NLP in Spanish.

I'm also very aware of the gender gap in my field and I'm part of the Core Team of Women in AI & Robotics to increase female representation and promote inclusive and responsible AI.



Python: NumPy, Pandas, TensorFlow 2, Keras, Sklearn

Machine Learning

ML algorithms and metrics, quality and trustworthiness

Deep Learning

DL.AI Specialization, TF Professional Developer


XAI, AI Robustness, NLP: Text Attacks, Transformers, Sampling

Math & Stats

Double Degree in Mathematics and Physics: 5 years, 345 ECTS

Software Engineering

Experience as Software Engineer, Git, Testing, Code QA, Design

DevOps / MLOps

Docker, MLflow, AWS: S3, Lambda, CloudFront, Sagemaker

Technical Communication

Data Visualization with Tableau
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