I'm María Grandury!
  • 💡 Machine Learning Research Engineer
  • 🎯 #NLP, #XAI, #TrustedAI
  • 🎓 Mathematician & Physicist
  • 👩🏻‍💻 Text Attacks @neurocat.ai
  • 🚀 Founder @SomosNLP 🤗
  • ⚡ Core Team @WAIRobotics
My latest projects are


Hugging Face
BERTIN Project
BERTIN is a series of RoBERTa-based models in Spanish trained using a novel sampling technique that we call "perplexity sampling". More detailed info can be found in this model card.

Course: NLP de 0 a 100 con Hugging Face

Somos NLP
The first NLP course from zero to hero in Spanish. Organized by Somos NLP in collaboration with Spain AI.

BigScience Research Workshop

Hugging Face
A one-year long international research workshop on large multilingual models and datasets. I'm part of the data tooling working group.
And I'm organizing

Hackathon de NLP en Español

Somos NLP - Democratizando el NLP en español
Hackathon de NLP en Español

The democratisation of NLP in Spanish is the main goal of our community and one of the best ways to advance towards this goal is to create more NLP resources in our language. With this hackathon we encourage you to join our effort. We invite you to train and put into production a Spanish NLP model.

¡Únete al mayor hackathon de PLN en español!
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